Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner- stuck on gifts for dad or hubby?

A great site for shopping for men's fashion and accessories is Mr. Porter. It's the newer male counterpart to Net-a-Porter, which we all know is amazing. When shopping for my husband, this is usually the first place I will go. They carry over 300 of the leading international retailers for men's fashion, including brands like Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Raf Simons. They also bring new products to their website every Tuesday and Friday, so the style is always new and trending. Mr. Porter also has what they call "The Daily" which are bite sized style tips of the day, and they have a blog updated weekly called "The Journal."

Father's Day happens to be two days before the first day of summer, so the first gift idea to think about are the Hartford paisley print swim shorts. Growing up in Manhattan Beach meant many holidays spent outside with my family, and anything related to the beach was always a good gift. The nice thing about these swim shorts is that the pattern can be passed off as regular shorts, so it won't be obvious that he is sporting swim attire while perusing shops along the beach or having a nice lunch.

If you're following the summer theme, you can never go wrong with a pair of Ray-Bans. The Clubmaster pair exudes a classic and cool vibe. My husband Raf actually has an original pair from the 80's that used to belong to his mother! The tortoise shell acetate gives an interesting pattern when seen in the light and the gold metal accents it nicely. I love seeing how some classics never go out of style!

Denim everything is a huge trend for this year, so the espadrilles by Folk will definitely be a successful present. Espadrilles and summer foot wear isn't just for women. Although to be honest, I can't personally condone Mandals. But hey, men's feet get hot too! Men's toes can be safely stowed in a lightweight but sturdy pair of summer footwear. I love the detail of the rugged stitched sole that contrasting with the denim.

Most men love a good drink and for that drink they need somewhere to put it in their man cave or library.  Not only are they pretty to look at but they will help your furniture from getting water marks, no one likes those. Why get boring coasters when you could have intricately natural ones? All are made from slivers of agate and have been gold plated along the edges for a luxe sheen. There are sets of four like the earth toned coasters, or you can purchase them singularly like the purple coaster. I love these because they feature a classic like agate with it's unique banding patterns and elevated it with the gold rims. They don't have to be a lover of geology or nature to enjoy using these. The natural variations in each slab are also very intriguing to look at, as each are unique and different. I gave a set to my brother who usually isn't the easiest to choose gifts for and he loved them! I myself use these in my office daily and at home.  Ladies, you can even borrow them back from your hubs and use them as a display for rings or earrings.  There are more colors are options on my website here.

Selle San Marco Regal in black perforated leather

Selle San Marco Regal in black perforated leather

My father's day gift for my husband this year is this San Marco Regal saddle in black perforated leather. It is always important to be comfortable and stylish. We like to take bike rides as a family so it is important to be comfortable.

Not only is this saddle affordably priced but it is a great alternative to the leather Brooks Saddles as is doesn't need nearly as much break in time. It so comfortable that despite being out of production for several years it could still be seen gracing the bikes of many pro riders on the Tour de France and other big races. Form and function are both important, and I like the detail of the rivets at the back for an added design element.

If you want your dad, boyfriend or husband to ride in style, we recommend this saddle! Find more accessories from Selle San Marco here.

Such a cool texture on the  Utility Daypack  by Killspencer.

Such a cool texture on the Utility Daypack by Killspencer.

Utility Daypack  by Killspencer has a ton of pockets for organizing!

Utility Daypack by Killspencer has a ton of pockets for organizing!

Killspencer is a brand created by Spencer Nikosey that is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Nikosey started the brand on a personal search for the perfect backpack that was sustainable and waterproof to keep up with his active lifestyle. This is a great gift for any man who loves the outdoors, traveling and being active. The Utility Daypack has a ton of storage options including a passport pouch, a large slip pocket and two smaller ones. The backpack is leather and the bottom is suede, giving a nice texture combination which I am a huge fan of. There is even a separate pouch for your laptop which I know my husband definitely looks for in a backpack. you can get a lot of the products monogrammed, and right now they are offering $50 off orders with a monogrammed product for Father's Day with the code: DAD2016. Shop the website here!

Converse is an iconic sneaker brand recognized worldwide for their uniquely designed sole. Their newest collaboration with Nike yielded these shoes called All Star Modern HTM. HTM is an acronym for the three people who worked on the design of the shoe from Nikelab. The shoe combines iconic pieces of the Converse style with new technologies developed by Nike; it is always interesting to see two huge brands combining creativity to spawn something new. These just launched and I'm sure they'll be sold out soon. My husband is greatly looking forward to purchasing a pair of these, so I know these will be in heavy rotation all summer!

Find it here.


Last but not least here is our cocktail recipe for Father's Day, the original Daiquiri.



It is the quintessential rum cocktail and one of the easiest, freshest drinks you can make. Great for the upcoming summer days with its refreshing finish.

The Daiquiri :

Mix the lime juice and sugar in a mixing glass or shaker

Add ice cubes and rum

Shake well

Strain in chilled cocktail glass

N.b.  to chill glass, add ice cubes to the glass while preparing your drink and discard ice just before pouring