White Out

When I think of summer, I think of crisp white everything and lustrous pearls. How appropriate then that June's birthstone is Pearl?!  That being said, it isn't always easy to transform your house or style to overnight white. Keep reading for my June must haves for white out success!


The quickest home transformation to complete is bedding. Update your drab winter flannels to lightweight white. This linen duvet from Anthropologie is the perfect home makeover; Not only is it incredibly soft and comfy, but this is actually machine washable which is really nice as opposed to having to take this to be dry-cleaned. That is definitely something I look for in bedding- having a young son means messes happen, so being able to wash this at home and not wait for it to be cleaned is key. I definitely gravitate towards Scandinavian chic. My great-grandfather was from Copenhagen after all! I personally have a white bed and white walls throughout my home. It's a great background to make neutrals and colors pop. To keep white from looking too sterile, be sure to throw in some natural elements and textures. The linen has more texture than straight cotton and I love to throw in lambskins or a textured throw. Natural birch accents help warm up the look and also pairs well with black.  Usually I am not a fan of anything that wrinkles easily such as linen can, but I think in this case, this duvet shows off a casual, relaxed vibe. Plus, who doesn't want to jump into all that fluffiness? Anthropologie also has the pillows for sale too for a complete look, find them here.

Crinkle Bag Vase  by Makoto Komatsu

Crinkle Bag Vase by Makoto Komatsu

I love this crinkle bag vase by Makoto Komatsu. I bought similar paper lanterns years back at Merci in Paris, but those were made of actual paper. I love that these are ceramic and designed back in 1975 but are still just as fresh looking today. That's the secret to great design, after all! I love them with white peonies but think they would make a chic statement with colored flowers as well.

In spirit with the tradition for Scandinavian simplicity, Danish firm Norm architects strives to find the simplest shape for a given task without forgetting the beauty of the shape and the details. In order to reach a point where there is nothing to add and nothing to take away that can make the product better. I love marble and that the only other design element are the brass hands. Gorgeous!

Flora Borsi  Dove-Animeyed, 2016

Flora Borsi Dove-Animeyed, 2016

Flora Borsi is a young Hungarian artist that I discovered on Instagram. I love Instagram for its ability to act as an online portfolio, and I've discovered many exciting emerging artists because of it. Flora Borsi uses photo manipulation to create surreal works of art. I just love her uniquely female voice.

White can extend to your artwork as well. I love neon anything and I just love Robert Irwin. He's an American installation artist, calling San Diego home. I love his amazing neon installations, they become interactive as the shadows play against the walls. He's done a lot of colorful neons, but one of my favorites is LIght and Space, shown above. He's currently in the process of creating an installation in Marfa — a U-shape construction about 10,000 square feet — will be completed and open to the public later this year. He's also know for his landscaping work; most notably Central Garden at the Getty Center and primordial palm garden at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Summer is quickly approaching - if you live in Southern California like I do, you understand what I'm talking about! The June gloom has left the building and it's been as high as 106 degrees! To help beat the heat are my white out essentials.

Starting with the Birkenstocks, these shoes made a huge comeback in the past few years and I'm so glad they did. Having flat feet makes shoes with no support in them unbearable to walk in, so I am rarely without my Birks. What I love about this pair is that the sandal strap is actually made with a high gloss shine complete with a felt liner to keep your foot comfortable. The high gloss really steps the sandals up and looks nice contrasted with the black accents. Find more colors here.

The Sam Sunglasses by J. Crew are a perfectly milky white color that will not disappoint. This particular style is the J. Crew take on the classic round shape that have UV protected lenses. Sunnies are really important to wear for eye protection against the harsh rays of the sun and can help to prevent wrinkles around your eyes. Discover more shapes and colors on their website.

When it's hot out, I turn to the most comfortable and airy clothing I own. These Vince shorts and sweater will be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe this season! Anything that breathes is a friend of mine. I like that the sweater is airy yet covered up and adds some nice texture play to the rest of the look.

Marble nails

Marble nails

Shimmery opalescent eyeshadow stick

Shimmery opalescent eyeshadow stick


This white out doesn't have to stop with your makeup. White can be brightening on your lashline or waterline. During the hotter summer months, I almost never wear eye shadow. I prefer to use shadow sticks, which are like a giant crayon for your eyes. I find they are quick to apply, less messy since there's no fallout under your eyes to have to clean up, and long lasting. They can easily build from a minimal look to a smoky dramatic eye with the number of times you swipe them on. I use one almost everyday. This shimmery opal color is by Estee Edit, but other favorite brands of mine are Laura Mercier and Makeup for Ever. They're both the creamiest and longest lasting brands I've found.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a little kooky about nails and nail polish. I have probably 100 bottles and I'm always on the lookout for more. I've been known to change my manicure 1-2x a week. I always do my own nails though, as I find it therapeutic, kind of like knitting (which I also used to do). And when I get a chip, forget about it. All the polish has to come off, almost immediately. Chipped nail polish is my version of nails on a chalkboard.  My husband on the other hand, thinks its incredibly annoying!  It probably has something to do with the fact that I grew up a nail biter with terrible nails. That and the fact that and being a jewelry designer means that I'm constantly trying on rings and modeling jewelry. A perfect picture can be ruined instantly with a scraggly mani. White nail polish is a great look for summer because it pops against darker skin tones and even works for pale skin tones like mine. It just looks so clean and crisp! A new take on a white mani is this marbleized one. Trust me, It's easier than it looks. It just involves a thin striping brush and a steady hand. See OPI tutorial and video here.

Now, continuing the white out...what better way to accessorize than with lustrous pearls? They're a classic for a reason. They go with everything and flatter any skin tone. New to my website is this freshwater pearl ring, bracelet and ears.  I tried to take a classic and make it a little more modern by using irregular shaped pearls and with creating a cross between a stud and a hoop. For a long time pearls got a bad rap as being conservative and uptight. These are definitely not your mother's pearls! I like to wear this ring on my index finger, layered with other rings. Same goes with this bracelet, it looks great stacked with other cuffs or bangles. Another reason for loving pearls is their I close association with the ocean and thus a relaxed state of mind. I had a favorite pearl ring growing up that I wore constantly; so much that it gave me a tan line one summer from never taking it off!

These are great pieces to bring with you on your vacations because they are lightweight and small so they are easily tucked away in a jewelry pouch into your luggage. Sport my jewels while strolling along the waters edge and watch the gold catch the light of the sun! Pairing these with and all over white look will guarantee fashion forward success. Find more styles on my website.

Whoever said beauty is pain had no concept of the joys of self pampering. Exfoliating and moisturizing are the two big targets for great skin. The thing about summer is that when the sun comes out to play, our skin can be left feeling dry, so I have included two really great beauty products to help out.

The hand cream and nail oil from L'Occitane is not only a favorite of mine but I also love gifting them to friends and family. Both are made with delicious smelling Shea Butter for extreme nourishment. The hand cream leaves hands feeling soft and not oily; something I dislike with other hand creams I've had in the past. The nail oil strengthens nails while softening your cuticles, so using this before a manicure is basically my ritual. Find more on the website.

The butterball bath bomb from Lush has a great vanilla scent to it complete with chunks of creamy coco butter that will melt into your skin. The coco butter will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized and your skin will smell amazing too! One of my favorite things to do is draw a bath, sip some good wine and read a book on the weekends. It is so relaxing and always a great way to wind down! If vanilla isn't your thing, check out Lush's other great products here!


If you are as serious about this white out as I am, you'll be giving this tart boozy lemon slush a try this summer! I love lemon and vodka, it's such a refreshing combination.  This recipe is ridiculously easy, only takes five minutes and will soon become your go-to. It's like dessert and a drink all in one! This is created by Mandy Kellogg Rye from the blog Waiting On Martha.

All you need is:

  1. 3/4 cup Vodka
  2. 1 pint Lemon Sorbet (I used Haagen Dazs)

Then just blend everything together, pour and enjoy! Something I like to do with my drinks is find crazy straws or glasses to drink out of. If you're hosting friends, this can be a great way to differentiate drinks. Happy sipping!